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The Small Beginnings

For years, I have been a dormant being, a sleeping beauty, wandering about the face of the earth, having clues but never really understanding who I truly am. In 2008, I finally decided to plug in to the Power Source and started reading the Book of Truth from my Heart. I have started writing about my days into journals, my experiences as a young lady since I was 12. I wrote the thoughts of my heart and scribe the revelations or secrets from GOD into notebooks that has been kept in jars of fragrance that I now pour into the feet of the ONE who has formed me out of Love. YESHUA founded The Story of "Yiska" for me, HE caused me to write our story into a fairytale, with a mission to testify of the true and living GOD who has formed me out of love and has called me for a specific purpose ever since the beginning of time.


What I've done so far

I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s crazy world; your experiences, your passions, your visions, and most importantly, your heart. I invite you to browse my site, learn about who I am in a worldly sense (Work Experiences) and explore my life's journey as I take you back in the past of the different timelines of my life and show you a glimpse of the future that my great KING YESHUA has been showing me.

Welcome to

"My Story"

My Stories written In honor of my King Yeshua HaMashiach

Life is meant to be lived being loved by our Creator; cherish every single moment with the Lover of our Soul, and enjoy the wait as the Promises of the Most High God אל עליון are about to unfold in each life of a seeker and follower of TRUTH. I am here to live my life according to HIS will, and live it passionately. My Story of Me "Yiska" serves as tool to testify of my journey with my GOD - YHVH יהוה Elohim, to pour out my passionate love and adoration like expensive perfume at the feet of the greatest Lover of my Soul - King Yeshua ישוע and to leave clues to my loyal readers as they seek the TRUTH and find out for themselves who they are as a beloved child of GOD their Heavenly Father.

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Home: Inner_about

"So write down what you see, both what is now, and what will happen afterwards. "
Revelations 1:19


Pieces of Heaven on Earth

Chapter 7_The Queen Warrior Bride of Christ the KING המשיח המלך_June 28, 2017__Introduction to Chapt

My Journey


School of Prophets

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"I am My Beloved and My Beloved is mine"

Song of Songs 6:3

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