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Introduction to Chapter 5 - The sleeping to waking

This Chapter is a written record about the events of the days from August 2015 to September 2016 of the sleeping Life of Yiska.

When I arrived from America on August 2015, my first assignment was to plan the Banquet for My Mother's 56th birthday and it went well because I was able to do the program according to GOD's plan as He had instructed me while I was still in the States.

The next assignment was to start a band with members belonging to different churches because the band symbolized Unity in the Body of Christ. And truly we were able to form the band Evnia because it was GOD who directed me to start it for the purpose of the JESUS Reings movement in the Philippines. GOD did the most amazing thing when the band was playing live in a moving truck during the JESUS Reigns Parade, it was the first time that live music was being played in the streets and it was a success because GOD willed it to be. He gave me the desire and will to start it while I was attending the Deeper Conference in the States by Israel Houghton and the New Breed Band. The band I formed eventually discontinued because it was time to end. But through the success of the band Evnia, I was able to atest that GOD's Word has proven true in one of King David's greatest literature: