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Vision Mission

"Without prophetic vision, the people shall perish, but he that keeps the law is blessed." 
Proverbs 29:18

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The Vision

At the Moment

For years, I have served the Lord independently as a minister to anyone seeking counsel, help, or advice. During my fast on the first 3 days of March, I saw many visions I believe are from GOD. I knew from the very beginning that GOD had called me to a different life and a different role than the role in the family business that was already set up for me by my parents. I just follow GOD's leading step by step, day by day. On June 2017, I finally decided to own up to that "unknown" role and be intentional about my calling, leaving my secure day job of my family business that I have worked with since I graduated from college. I quit all my jobs, even in real estate without knowing exactly what to do next. GOD had already put in my heart a desire for agriculture since 2010, but it is only this year that the vision became clear and real to me as GOD led me to meet farmers in Bohol and see their difficult situation and their needs to sustain their livelihood. They needed financial resources to fund their farming and a business system, someone with education and a heart, that can set this "business system" up for them without profiting from it. Right away I understood my role in GOD's Kingdom on earth which was my country's need.  August 3, 2017 The LORD brought me to Ormoc to facilitate an NLP Training to earthquake trauma victims. Before coming here, I felt GOD was leading me to stay longer than planned so I packed for more than 3 days and now it's been 3 weeks, staying in the House of Refuge where a couple adopts many poor children, sending them to school. At first, I was confused what I was supposed to do in the desolate mountains of Milagro, I was asking GOD "What am I doing here?" I have been inhabiting in the home of a dearly beloved couple who loves my JESUS as much as I do. During those days of peace and serenity without work, just searching and seeking GOD's will, I slowly began to realize that Milagro is the place where I will begin my mission to the many visions HE had been showing and imparting to me. The heart that had been trying to find where her place is in this world, is about to discover that there's more to life than the life she always grew up with in Cebu. How can a place so new, feels more home than the home she once knew?

The Mission

What needs to be done

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Agriculture Livelihood

Sustainable farming project

This project is about aiding the Filipino farmers by sowing in them or creating a business partnership between investors and farmers to build the funds needed for the capital to support their agriculture business, creating an agriculture system that will sustain the livelihood of farmers. By overseeing their work and progress, we give farmers the opportunity to have stable means of livelihood through the only livelihood that is available to them in the beautiful mountains of Milagro, Ormoc

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Shelter Homes

Building Houses for every Home

This project is about raising funds to provide basic shelter for every family that has lost their homes in the earthquake calamity that hit Ormoc on July 6, 2017. Using Bamboo Wood as the housing structure, a family can already have a house they can call their own in a simple manner, instead of living in the discomfort of tents or basket ball courts without privacy.

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The Literacy Project

This Project is focused on bringing literacy to the less fortunate children. The Philippines is a poverty stricken country. Most of the children cannot go to school because the parents cannot afford to send them off even if education is free. The mission is to raise funds to send as many children in the small Barangay of Milagro, Ormoc to schools. Every human being has the right to education and training, to be taught and learn. Let's give our Filipino children the opportunity to learn.

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He said, "Hear now My words: If there is a prophet among you, I, the LORD, shall make Myself known to him in a vision I shall speak with him in a dream."

Numbers 12:6

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