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My Wilderness Journey at my Hometown after my trip to Israel for Sukkot 5778

The Mission for Relatives

October 19, 2017

Before I left for Israel, GOD had already scheduled my first mission after I got back from Israel is to reach out and minister to my Uncle. This plan truly happened on the second day I arrived from Israel. My Spiritual Guide Artemio and I went to visit him in the Business area of his daughter. Father Art as I referred to him to my relatives was able to pray for them and feed them the words of GOD in the Bible. I was so happy, I felt like it was successful but also that there was a preparation of work and Battles to fight in the coming days. 

The Vision for the Family Business

October 22, 2017

GOD had given me a vision to see my brothers, completely take over the family business. The result will include my parents (especially my mother) retiring from her specific role she is holding in the family business.

My mission was to ask this from GOD and to seek good employees to fill in the employees needed to replace the slacking or lazy employees already in our company. To secure the right paper work between the Company and the people working for us. To see that everything and everyone is working according to HIS Heavenly will.

Intercession Mediator

October 25, 2017

During one of our missions on the first day of our Fast days was to pray over the Mountain that will become an agriculture home and haven for my Family but the vision that GOD had given me was to make this a pilot project of the Agriculture "Moshav" that GOD had shown me and to share this blessing to the people around us especially the poor and our employees. But in order for GOD's will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven, it had to take me a lot of prayers and tears for the impossible to happen and that is what I had been doing ever since I answered His call in my life to partner with HIM in HIS Kingdom work.

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