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Israel Trip 2017 Sukkot 5778

Jerusalem March

October 09, 2017

Jerusalem March is when Believers of Yeshua from all over the world come to Celebrate Sukkot marching in the streets of Jerusalem showing their love to GOD's chosen people - the Jews. There were 2 Christian Organizations that joined forces to celebrate that day. It was ICEJ and Jesus Reigns from where my parents served and I participated. What made that experience unforgettable for me was that very day my German Shepherd dog died in my hometown Cebu City and so it was with a broken heart that I marched yet still I managed to give warm smiles to the lovely people that I came across in the streets. But GOD's comfort was sweet on me that day, for a little cute Jewish girl from the streets came up to me to say "We love you too" and I was too shocked to respond her with a warm hug!!! But the next two encounters that warmed my heart was when I hugged 2 Jewish teen age girls and the latter was really long and comforting it felt like she was trying to ease the brokenness of my heart as if she knew that I had that pain of losing a loyal and devoted family member back at home. 

Making the Best out of All

October 05, 2017

I have been waking up at 3 AM since I got here and have been delighted to spend this unusual early time with GOD but today I woke up at 5am and decided to spend time with my Abba at the Balcony of my home in Tel Aviv, pretty much surprised to see the moon still shinning so brightly at 5am...

Yehuda Maccabi Park

October 03, 2017

Today we went to upper side Tel Aviv in Yehudda Maccabi and enjoyed their river park. One of the things I love about Israel is the way they made their parks for people to enjoy. Israelis are so blessed to have such beautiful parks they can use for free at anytime. They have this playground both for kids and adults that want to do their exercise, they have basket ball courts and huge fields where anyone can play soccer or any game they could ever think of. They bring their dogs to jog along with them. I enjoyed it so much I lay on the ground daydreaming and talking to GOD. When in Tel Aviv, make sure to visit their beautiful parks.

Our Home in Tel Aviv

October 02, 2017

This is our home in Tel Aviv, located at Najara St., just a few meters from the main road Rehov Allenby and a few minutes walk towards the bus stop. I would say this home is not bad, but the Agency that we booked for did not serve us, instead they passed us to this agency where we are staying now. I do not regret this home away from home When in Israel and in Tel Aviv I would not recommend Tel Aviving Apartments to serve your hospitality needs.

​I do regret the Advertising Agency that deceived us into thinking were getting an apartment near the beach area of Tel Aviv. I will not only make a complain with this agency called "Tel Aviving Apartments" I will also give them a bad review because they did not serve us at all. Tel Aviving Apartments services are being offered at Agoda and that is where I made my booking. So I would not recommend Tel Aviving Apartments but I would recommend this Apartment where my parents and I stay now. It is called Kerem Hateimanim - Vacation Apartments. It is a great place, cheap and in the center of Tel Aviv. You can book direct on their website Yes they have bad reviews in google so let me be the first to give them a good review and recommend them to the public. It was not the place I had expected because Tel Aviving Apartments moved us to this place but it was the place we needed and GOD knew it because HE knows what is best and so I rest my case and I thank my Father who always works out all things together for the best to HIS children. "Nothing that ever happens on earth is ever an accident." 

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"The mockers will mock, the pretenders will hate. But I am not after the well. I am chasing after the broken and the seekers will be drawn, so don't be afraid to shine your light."

—  YESHUA, Ha Mashiach

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